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Start-up of the year. MEG16 - April 2016Google award 2016, Digital News Initiative"Stepping stone" 2016
by Connect Vast
Top 30 Nordic/Baltic
Arctic Startups


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We connect Smartphone users with News companies. Just respond to the tasks
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User Generated News

Newsreps offer News companies not only increased customer engagement but a platform that involves their audience. Yours, ours and partners Smartphone users all can provide you with User Generated News. We help you reaching places where the next story is - Register your account with us today !

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CMS – Content Management System

Increase the customer engagement and involde you r audience. We offer News companies access to their own platform for User Generated News. Do you have a story in need of additional information, or do you want the public to respond to an event ? No matter the reason the support is there for your Journalists and Newsdesk, by using Newsreps CMS, APPS and API you can add more content and truly act local any where in the world.

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